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1998 – KASPIKO was set up as a trade organization

It was the time of the financial crisis in Russia. In result, prices for foreign goods were soaring and rush development of Russian producers started.

We began with selling range of products of food industry, which we imported from Russia. Our customers were many stores from all over Belarus. We always tried to dispatch goods to them within three days after their order. That activity was based on the following principle – a wide range of goods to each customer within the shortest time possible.
We did this business until the end of 2004 when we decided to add a new activity.

2005 – KASPIKO started to sell fruit and vegetables preparations and semi-products

We started our new activity because Belarusian food market became a bit more competitive and domestic producers started to find out new interesting ideas and new raw materials of higher quality for their productions. Since that, we started to develop as a firm working in business-to-business sales.

2007 – KASPIKO started to sell cleaners, disinfectants and equipment for sanitation and hygiene

2008 – KASPIKO started to sell flavours

During last years, we have been gathering pace in the area of business-to-business sales that allowed us to give up our wholesale business in 2008 and focused on dealing with Belarusian producers.


Now company Kaspiko is a dynamically developing company with customer's orientated philosophy.

Our mission is to stimulate the development of our customers business by supplying the products of top quality.

In daily work, we stick to the following conception: the best quality of products and high standards of service.

We consider our strategy as long-term partnership with customers and suppliers.


At present time, Kaspiko is a supplier of following products for food industry:

    fruit and vegetables preparations and semiproducts;
    cleaners, disinfectants and other special chemicals;
    equipment for sanitation and hygiene;

They are imported from Germany, Czechia.


We can offer all-around service to our customers such as:

    organizing practical presentations of our products;
    creating recipes for new products;
    making hygiene audit and working out sanitation plans;
    technical assistance of our equipment;
    assistance on solving any problems in production methods or engineering;
    providing as much information about new trends in European food market as possible;
    inviting to seminars, organized in our country and abroad.

The mutual business partnership extends our creative work. That is why we provide services to our customers and care for them. We want to know as much as possible about our customers as they participate in our success.


Nowadays, it is impossible to do business without partners. One of the most important things in business is building good relationship between partners.

The partners of KASPIKO are:

Joint Stock Company Frujo

Czech company Frujo has been a producer of fruit and vegetables preparations and semi-products to be applied in different branches of the food industry since 1990. The company keeps striving to positively effect and enriches both the domestic and the foreign market by supplying constantly new final products. The success of the company Frujo is based on a strong development potential, on a modern technology background and on elaborated know-how.

The fruit preparations are made as homogeneous or with fruit pieces in both aseptic and non-aseptic versions. Naturally, they are of various shapes, consistencies and other crucial characteristics. Cereals and other health-functional components constitute a benefit in terms of healthy food. A recent trend is to fortify the components, for example by vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, rough pulp, and other natural ingredients with health and physiology functions.

The vegetable preparations are manufactured in both aseptic and non-aseptic versions. Pieces of vegetables, herbs, and various seasonings are well supplemented by vegetable essences and extracts, of both traditional and special tastes.

Stockmeier Food GmbH & Co.KG

German company Stockmeier Food GmbH & Co.KG is an enterprise belonging to the Stockmeier Group that started in 1920. Stockmeier Food develops and produces liquid or powdered flavours, spices and spice extract compositions for liquid and solid bases.

Most modern foods would not be worth considering without flavours, spice extracts and complimentary ingredients. The right flavour, individually suited to the aim of the product, plays a major role. In many cases, customers' demand precise taste specifications for products and market ranges. On customers' wish, Stockmeier Food Company creates a compound with various ingredients and it can be filled in charge-size-bags to help customers to optimize their production. The wide portfolio of products offers a various solutions with combining taste, texture and other food ingredients as required. In its daily work, Stockmeier Food Company combines old tradition with innovation.


Why do customers choose company KASPIKO?

    Both our partners and we are an excellent team of professionals and experts;
    We prefer a hands-on, flexible approach that allows us to choose those products and services that will be beneficial for the customer;
    We are able to offer complex solutions included food ingredients, chemicals, equipment and technology;
    We offer custom-made training programs;
    We provide our customers with a wide range services.


We are interested in co-operation with European producers, which would like to work in the Belarusian market. We are ready for discussing all the offers that concern expansion of the assortment and development of new businesses.

Our experiences in Belarus, a good knowledge of legislation, our wish for developing and irreproachable reputation are a good basis for success.

Contact us

Adress: Logoisky tract, 22а, k2, of. 506, 220090 Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Tel./fax: +375 17 3633888, 3580696